In response to the 2012 International Residential Code, section R503.1 requiring floor assemblies to be fire resistant rated, Truss Joistֿ® has answered with Flak Jacket fire protection. Truss Joist® joist with the Flak Jacket fire protection applied to the industry’s top I-joist brand with proprietary, factory applied coating that boosts the joists’ fire resistance. This combination enables them to meet the single and multi-family fire protection code that is required and provides a simple, cost-effective way to comply with section R501.3 (2012) and section R302.13 (2015).

Flak Jacket™ is a factory applied coating that when heat is applied causes it to expand to provide fire protection. This product provides an economical one hour fire rated assembly. Here is some important facts you should know:

  • Joists are cut, drilled and handled the same as any other TJI® joist.
  • No special hangers or fasteners are required.
  • The Flak Jacket™ protective coating doesn’t change any of the structural properties of the joist.
  • Guidelines for drilling holes in the joist are the same as any non-coated joist. Thee is no touch up that is required.
  • No special tools, training or handling is required. Standard hangers are used for quick and smooth installation.
  • Suitable for a new building design and construction.